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The Citiblog

Little Island Hosts Dance Festival
September 14, 2021, 1:31.27 pm ET

Photo: Sam Hershberger                                                                        

The 2021 Little Island Dance Festival, which has been curated by Little Island Artist-in-Residence Ayodele Casel and Torya Beard, will run from Wednesday, September 15. through Sunday, September 19. Most events are free of charge.

The Dance Festival features a wide variety of artists including Aaron Mattocks; The Afro-Latineers; Barkha Patel; Crystal Monee Hall; Eddie Hernandez; Danni Gee; Earl Mosely’s Diversity of Dance; Evidence, A Dance Company; House of Xtravaganza; Jared Alexander Sprague; Leo Manzari; Leonardo Sandoval & Music from the Sole; Maurice Chestnut’s Dance Therapy; Michiyaya Dance, Morgan James and Doug Wamble; Paradise Drummers; Rokafella; It’s Showtime NYC; Ted Louis Levy; and Tomoe Carr.

The festival will celebrate National Dance Day on September 18 with the premiere of new work by Josh Prince, Ray Mercer, Darrell Moultrie, and Tiffany Rea-Fisher and will culminate with a showcase of young and mature dancers.

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